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Your Local Friend: Emma

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Rio de Janeiro

About Emma

Oi, hey! I’m Emma, I have dual citizenship for Brazil and the USA, and I have been living in Rio since 2011 (with a brief pause in 2012 to study in Scotland for 9 months). I am in love with this city.

About Feiras

I love the bright colors, the smell of fresh cut flowers and fruits, and the overlapping sounds of vendors calling our prices at the open-air markets, or feiras (fey-rahs). They can be spotted all over city on designated days by their striped stands, known as "barracas" (bah-ha-kas); that are put together in the early morning hours and usually are taken away after lunchtime.

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Cheap ($)

7h-14h hours

Praça Santos Dumont - Gávea, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil