Welcome to the General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) of Rent a Local Friend (“RALF”). RALF is an e-platform (“Platform”) whose purpose is to help users connect with locals when visiting cities worldwide, in order to enjoy a different experience, far beyond traditional tourist spots.

Users have to either sign up or use their Facebook profile to log in ( and have access to RALF.

If you decide to sign up using our form, please insert your full name, country, mobile number and password of choice, which is personal and nontransferable, and may not be disclosed to third parties. We kindly request you not to share your password with anyone else.

Once you have inserted the abovementioned information, it is necessary to upload a copy of your ID card or passport (“Document”) for your own safety and for the safety of the Local Friends. Your Document is NOT shared with third parties and will be securely stored in RALF’s system.

When accessing the platform, users may inform the city they are planning to visit. RALF will provide a list of available Local Friends, if any, who users may choose to contact to understand whether the Local Friend fully meets their travel interests.

Once you have chosen your Local Friend, please book the respective date and service – Virtual Friend or Friend for the Day – by filling out the form with the requested information, so that the Local Friend may adjust to your plans; in other words, for the Local Friend to be available at the given date, time and place, either in person (Friend for the Day) or online (Virtual Friend). Make sure you provide information on your interests, whether you and your family will meet the Local Friend at a specific place, if you need us to arrange for transportation to the agreed location, etc. RALF is not liable, in any way, for the terms agreed between you and the Local Friend, for it does not have access to the agreed tour and is not in any way involved in such process.

Once you have booked the date and services, it is necessary to provide your payment information.

The minimum fee to be charged by the Local Friend for the Friend for the Day service using the platform is of fifty U.S. dollars (USD 50.00), converted into the relevant local currency, and the final fee will be agreed upon with the Local Friend; RALF will not interfere in such negotiation, in any way. The minimum fee to be charged by the Local Friend for the Virtual Friend service is of USD 35.00:

  • 1) RALF will charge one hundred percent (100%) of the fee when the terms agreed with the Local Friend are booked. Upon payment confirmation (either by credit card or PayPal), RALF will send you the Local Friend’s e-mail and mobile number.
  • 2) Upon payment confirmation, the Local Friend will receive the request to meet you in person (Friend for the Day) or online (Virtual Friend) at the time and date agreed upon for the services. If the initially booked Local Friend is unable to meet you on the requested date, RALF forward the open request to all the Local Friends available in the respective city, on such date, who may contact you directly to confirm availability. You may accept or decline such confirmation.

Terms and conditions in the event of cancellation:

  • 1) Any user-requested cancellation 24 hours prior to the scheduled date of the tour via e-mail will be fully reimbursable, and no fees will be due to RALF or to the Local Friend booked.
  • 2) Any user-requested cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled date of the Friend for the Day or Virtual friend service via e-mail will be subject to a penalty of thirty percent (30%) of the pre-paid fee, as the Local Friend may have declined other service requests for the day.
  • 3) No reimbursement will be due in the event of no show without cause and without prior notice to the Local Friend and/or RALF via e-mail

Please read the following information:

  • 1) All the tour details must be previously agreed on with the Local Friend.
  • 2) Any fees agreed on the services to be provided by the Local Friend do not include food, transportation (which may be previously organized with the Local Friend), insurance and support in the event of any emergency.
  • 3) Please be on time and at the agreed place for the Friend for the Day service or available for the previously scheduled Virtual Friend appointment, to make sure the time the Local Friend makes available is used in the best possible way.
  • 4) For security reasons, use the Local Friend page within the RALF platform to contact the Local Friend.
  • 5) Because there is no employment relationship between RALF and the Local Friend, and the Platform is only a means to connect people, it is important for you to ask any questions deemed necessary for your own protection directly to the Local Friend.
  • 6) Do not use the Local Friend to have access to illegal drugs or to book visits to places the local authorities deem dangerous, thus endangering your safety and/or your Local Friend’s safety.
  • 7) If you have not agreed on transportation with your Local Friend, make sure you ask him/her/they the best way to get to the respective location.


The user is aware that incidents may happen in any trips, arising out of force majeure, act of God or any events that are not under the control of RALF or the Local Friend, for which reason both the Local Friend and RALF may not be held liable and are exempted from all and any liability, claims, lawsuits, complaints or administrative measures eventually filed for or made by the user.

The Local Friend may ask whether the user and/or his/her/their family has travel insurance prior to any tour or visit. In the event the user fails to provide proof of such insurance, the Local Friend may postpone or cancel the respective tour or visit, in order to avoid any risks.

As it solely acts as the intermediary between the Local Friend and the user, RALF has absolutely no liability for any events that may occur during the tour or visit, for it has no control over the places or sites subject matter thereof, and it neither interferes nor checks the terms freely and mutually agreed upon by and between the user and the Local Friend.

After the tour or visit with the Local Friend, we kindly ask users to post comments or recommendations on the Local Friend’s page and possibly also on the respective city’s page on Tripadvisor mentioning the Local Friend, to let us know whether the time spent with the Local Friend was enjoyable, and how was the tour or visit, so that other travellers can get to know our services and profit from this experience, too. As such, we believe users agree on having their pictures taken with the Local Friend and any other pictures sent to RALF shared exclusively on our website, free of charges or any royalties, with due credits to the users.

User privacy is important to RALF: any information provided is stored in SSL-certified AWS servers.

RALF does not share any information or data received with third parties, in any event whatsoever. RALF only sends newsletters on recent activities and uses the data received to improve its support and services to its users.

RALF complies with all local rules in the different cities where it offers its services. As it operates across multiple jurisdictions worldwide, RALF kindly asks users to consent to the storage and use of any data received as provided for above, upon sign up and registration.

Users may request to change any information or to remove their RALF registration at any time, by sending an e-mail to

is more than willing to amicably settle any controversies – please fell free to contact us and we will directly address any issues.

Any disputes that may not be amicably settled by the parties will be referred and subject to the courts of the city of São Paulo, Brazil, with express waiver of any other, privileged as it may be.