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About Saving Money in Paris

Paris has a lot of museums and some of them are unmissable. However, to visit all can be really expensive, but there is a way to save money and enjoy some of the best options of Paris and region. First, if you have an European passport and under 26 years old you can go free or with a discount: - Musée du Louvre: free under 26 residing in the EU - Château de Versailles: free for visitors under 18 (or under 26 residing in the EU). - Museé d'Orsay: Free entry for those aged 18-25 who are citizens or long-term residents (visa longer than 3 months) of an EU member state. - Centre Pompidou: under the age of 18, admission to the Museum, temporary exhibitions and panoramic view is free and no ticket is needed. - Panthéon: free under 26 EU citizen - Arc de Triomphe: free for visitors under 18 (or under 26 residing in the EU) And every first Sunday of the month, a lot of museums are free: - Musée du Louvre: from October to March - Arc de Triomphe: from November to March - Panthéon: from November to March - Château de Versailles: from November to March - Museé d'Orsay: all year - Centre Pompidou: all year Others examples you can find in the museum's website or

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