A B&B in Brooklyn - Arrive As Strangers, Leave As Friends

Your Local Friend: Fernanda

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About Fernanda

Founder and CEO of Behind the Scenes NYC! Behind the Scenes NYC (BTSNYC) is a collection of tips of NYC, away from the touristy places. After all, the best part of a trip is "uncovering" the cool spots that only locals know about! ** IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK DATES, BEFORE AUTOMATICALLY BOOKING THROUGH RENT A LOCAL FRIEND! **

About Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy is one of the coolest B&B’s (Bed & Breakfast) you’ll ever find! The décor is rustic and intimate at the same time, making you feel you’re at home - or at least, at a friend’s place. Every detail is intriguing, done with much love, but effortless at the same time, which definitely gives it a twist. We just love the concept of this B&B, where you get to meet the other guests.

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111 Powers St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA